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New passenger traffic on Hemavan via Kramfors - Arlanda v. V, Vilhelmina via Lycksele - Arlanda v.v

On July 1, Amapola starts passenger traffic on Hemavan via Kramfors - Arlanda v.v and Vilhelmina via Lycksele - Arlanda v.v. For ticket bookings we refer our passengers to directflyg.com or call center 0770-790 700.



We can accept short and long term ACMI contracts on both passenger as well as cargo.
Let us know what you need and we can provide you with a competitive offer.

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We can assist you with ad-hoc charter – 50 passenger or 7.3 tons of freight
As of quarter 4 2014 our large cargo aircraft offer you 2.38 x 1.78 m (?)

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We offer a complete package from tendering process to final management of network, fleet and contractors. We have vast experience managing complete network and external contractors beyond our own capabilities.
Size is not an issue and we have many reliable partners  - we apply open book enabling you a complete overview of cost .

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